Volaris Walker S7

Volaris Walker S7 (S7)


High quality four wheeled walker with seat.

Light and flexible The Volaris S7 is a newly developed light and flexible rollator with functions for everybody. The collapsible X-type construction facilitates the fold up and makes the rollator stand steady in folded position. This means that the rollator requires less space and is easy to transport. As both the seat and the handles are easily vertically adjustable, the sole version of the rollator is suitable for varying groups of users. The rollator is equipped with VABS brake for efficient braking. The completely new and unique parking brake in form of a loop is plainly and user-friendly. Volaris S7 is manufactured in Sweden from re-usable material. Design and construction patent applied for. The rollator has been developed in accordance with the applicable standard for walking aids, ISO 11199-2:2006. Technical specification:
Weight: 7.2 kg
Weight capacity: 140kg
Base End Open Width: 590mm
Top End Open Width: 390mm
Closed Width: 230mm
Overall Depth: 700mm
Height: 750 - 950mm

VAT Relief available

£260.00 Excluding VAT

£312.00 Including VAT

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